Northmaple Studio

Northmaple Studio (Northmaple, LLC) is a boutique web development and consultation studio in Pittsburgh, PA.

I work as an extension to agencies and other companies to provide web development solutions and consultation. My primary skills are with front-end development/builds and Content Management System (CMS) integration - with a focus on Craft CMS.

My previous roles includes Director of Web Development at Smith's Agency (Now, Barkley) as well as Development Director at Happy Cog (Philadelphia, PA), Conbrio Design (Buffalo, NY) and Edgenet, Inc (Buffalo, NY). I also run a local web development user group called Refresh Pittsburgh that has been dormant for a few years, but should be starting back upnow that we are passed the pandemic. My wife and I also ran larger scale web-events like Web Design Day. I've been building things on the web since way back in the late 90's.


You can also find me:


935 N Saint Clair St. - Pittsburgh, PA - 15206